Text With 911

Text with 911 (T911) is a service for persons who are deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing, or have a speech impediment in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

During an emergency, the T911 service makes sure that persons who are deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing, or have a speech impediment can communicate quickly and clearly with 911 Call Takers, using wireless text messaging (SMS).

In order to avail of this service, every person who is deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing, or have a speech impediment should make sure their cell phone is registered for T911 service with their cellular service provider. 

It’s easy—just access your service provider’s website directly or visit www.textwith911.ca and click ‘Registration’. 

Note: Some older cell phones may not be compatible with T911 service. If you are not sure, contact your cellular service provider to verify if your phone can be registered.

How to use T911 in an Emergency

1. Contact 911 using a voice call 

To connect with 911 and activate a T911, you have to place a voice call to 911 first. If you are able, tell the 911 Call Taker that you are registered for T911. If you cannot communicate verbally, simply wait for the initiated text to come from the 911 Call Taker. 

Do not block your phone number.  911 Call Takers need your phone number to initiate a text conversation. 

You can always make a voice call to 911 even if you do not have a voice plan, however you do require a valid text messaging plan to use T911. 

2. Receive a text from 911 

During the voice call, you’ll receive a 911 text message. If you don’t receive a text message after two (2) minutes, hang up, and make a 911 voice call again. Once you’ve received this text, you can begin the conversation. 

During you text exchange, do not end the voice call.

3. Explain your emergency 

Once you receive your first message, briefly explain your emergency and your location, and the 911 Call Taker will coordinate with emergency service providers to send the right help to you. 

4. End your call 

You will receive a “End of 911 Call” message from the 911 Call Taker. If you do not get this message, send a text asking if the T911 conversation is over. 

If you need to further communicate with 911 after receiving the “End of 911 Call” message, begin at Step One by dialing 911 again.

Please do not test the T911 service to see if it works. Testing can be accommodated by contacting the 911 Division directly to request a coordinated test.