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Helping children understand when and how to use 911 in an emergency will keep our kids safe and healthy. 

Whether you’re a parent, guardian or teacher, we have resources to help teach kids about 911.


Calling 911 for help is the most important thing anyone can do in an emergency.

If you're going to be the one making the emergency phone call, here's what to do:

  1. Take a deep breath to help you calm down.
  2. Call 911
  3. The 911 Call Taker will ask you what the emergency is.
  4. When asked by the 911 Call Taker, give your phone number and the name of the community you are calling from.
  6. The 911 Call Taker will transfer you to the emergency responder who will help.
  7. Explain to the emergency responder what happened. (They will need all the information you can provide, so give as many details as you can.)
  8. Follow all instructions carefully.
  9. Stay on the Phone until they say it's OK to hang up.

After calling 911 for help, your first thought might be to rush over to the situation, but stop and look before you do. Make sure the scene is safe. If it's not, wait in a safe place until a grown-up or the emergency team arrives. 

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When to Call 911

An emergency is when something happens and you need the police, fire fighters or an ambulance.  For example, if you see your neighbour’s house on fire, that is an emergency!  If someone falls down and is badly hurt, that is an emergency too!  But, if your cat is stuck in a tree, that is not an emergency. 

The only time you should call 911 is if someone is badly hurt or in danger, right now!

  • Can you call 911 if there's been a car accident? Yes!
  • Should you call if you see a crime, like someone hurting someone else or breaking into a person's house? YES!
  • What if someone suddenly seems very sick and is having a hard time speaking or breathing? YES!
  • What if someone collapses or you can’t wake them? YES!
  • What if someone's house is on fire? YES!

Sometimes people are confused about when to call 911. These are examples of when not to call:

  • If you can't find your favorite toy or your homework from last night.
  • If your cat got into a fight with another cat.
  • If your brother or your friend dares you to call.
  • If your bike was stolen, (you can call the police directly for this one).
  • If your Dog ran away.

NEVER call 911 as a joke or just to see what might happen. When the 911 Call Taker has to take the time to talk to people who don't have a real emergency, other people who call and need help right away might have to wait. If you're not sure whether there's a real emergency and there are no adults around, it's a good idea to make the call. You could save someone's life.

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Calling 911 in an Emergency

It's a good idea to know the address and phone number you are calling from in case your call accidently gets disconnected. The 911 call taker needs to know where you are and how to reach you. The police, firefighters, or ambulance crew need to know where you are to provide help for the emergency.

It's important to make sure you are safe before you call 911. If your home is on fire, leave the house before calling 911. You can always call from someone else's house or from a cell phone.

You may feel scared or nervous if you have to call 911. That's OK. Just stay as calm as you can. If you talk too fast, the 911 Call Taker may have trouble understanding what's wrong and what kind of help you need.  Speak slowly and clearly and don’t hang up.

 911 is an easy way to get emergency help anytime and anywhere in the Province. 

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