As part of the emergency response system, NL911 provides an important service that connects those needing emergency help with local emergency responders who can assist.

In order to increase public awareness of the 911 service, NL911 has undertaken an initiative to develop and distribute Emergency 911 decals to fire departments in Newfoundland and Labrador who do not already display 911 on their fire vehicles and apparatus. 

The benefits of promoting the province-wide 911 emergency telephone service in your area include but are not limited to;

  • Informing the public of the easy to remember 3-digit emergency number that they can use to access 911 Call Takers who can help anytime and anywhere. 
  • Access to emergency service for those unfamiliar with the local 7-digit emergency phone numbers such as visitors to your area.  
  • Access to emergency help for those who are unable to communicate.
  • Depending on the emergency, 911 Call Takers will also notify other emergency service providers who may need to assist with emergency response.

Please follow the links to the side for more information on how to order your Emergency 911 decals, as well as helpful instructions on decal installation and maintenance.