How to Place a Decal Order

If interested in obtaining Emergency 911 decals for your Fire Department, please send a written request to NL911 by e-mail ( or fax (709-758-0192) with the following information;

  1. Fire Department name
  2. Contact name and address to send decals.
  3. Number of decals required by color, shape and size (see chart below).
    • Consider placement of decals per vehicle with placement; i.e. both sides of a vehicle and the back.
    • The horizontal decal is ideal for placement along the side or above the back bumper of auxiliary vehicles.
    • The vertical decal is ideal for placement on the sides of fire apparatus.


Red Decals

White Decals


49” x 4.75”

49” x 4.75”


13” x 8”


21.5” x 13.25”

13” x 10.25”


21.5” x 13.25”

NL911 will place one bulk order at the end of each quarter for all decals requested during that time frame. Once the order is placed, a communication will be sent to each Municipality/Fire Department with the expected delivery date of the decals ordered. If you would like to receive your decals sooner than the quarterly bulk order, we can put in a custom order for your department at your own expense.

Once you receive your decals you may choose to install the decals using the instructions posted on the NL911 website –, or have them installed by a local provider at your own expense.