Non-Emergency Calls

Non-emergency 911 calls

There are three kinds of non-emergency calls: 

  • Accidental calls – Accidental calls to 911 occur when the caller does not realize they called 911. Cell phones can sometimes accidently call 911 without the persons knowledge (like a pocket dial). Other times callers may have meant to dial another three digit help line (like 411 or 811), or could have been cleaning their phone. If you call 911 by accident, please stay on the line and let the 911 Call Taker know it was a mistake. This saves the Call Taker from having to call you back to confirm if there is an emergency. 
  • Requests for general information - Sometimes callers confuse 911 with other three digit help lines for general information. They might be looking for medical advice (811) or trying to find a phone number or street names/directions (411).
  • Any other call that does not have an immediate threat to health, life, safety or property.