NL911’s First Annual General Meeting a Success

NL911 held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in St. John’s on November 28, 2016. This inaugural event was open to the public and it allowed the organization to report on its first fiscal year of operating the 911 emergency telephone service throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. This emergency service is reliable, easy, and recognizable, and it is now available throughout the province!

Minister Eddie Joyce, along with representatives from the Department of Municipal Affairs, Fire and Emergency Services and emergency service agencies were in attendance during the AGM. NL911 Executive Director Kerry Power presented on NL911 operations and the Learn Not to Burn (LNTB) Program Coordinator Tom Yetman provided demonstrations of the new Hazard House currently being used to teach fire safety and awareness to youth throughout the province.  

After the success of its inaugural AGM, NL911 looks forward to hosting the next one in 2017.