Text with 911

  • Do I need to have a texting plan to use the T911 service?

    Yes, you must have a texting plan with your cellular provider in order to use the T911 service.

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  • Do I still need to call 911 if I am registered for the T911 service?

    Yes, you must first initiate a voice call to 911. If you are able, tell the 911 Call Taker you are registered for T911. If you are not able to communicate, the 911 Call Taker will use your phone number to determine that you are T911 registered. It is important that you do not block your number!

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  • Can anyone use the T911 service?

    To use this service, individuals who are deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment must register with their cellular provider. Registration takes approximately one week to be activated and following activation, you can use the T911 service in an emergency. When you are using this service, you must not block your phone number. If your phone number is blocked, the 911 Call Taker will be unable to text you.

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  • What is Text with 911?

    Text with 911 (T911) is a service for persons who are deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment. During an emergency, this service allows individuals to communicate with 911 Call Takers. Some older phones may not be compatible with T911. If you are unsure if T911 would work with your phone, ask your cellular provider.

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  • T911 FAQs

    For more information on T911 frequently asked questions and answers please follow the link to the TEXT with 9-1-1 website.

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