Civic Addressing

  • Why is civic addressing important to 911?

    Civic addressing is essential for ensuring a more efficient emergency service response by providing a unique way to quickly and easily identify the location of an emergency. Civic addressing is also required for the implementation of NG911.

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  • Is there a timeline for providing civic address data back to NL911?

    There is no timeline on the submission of this data however, communities will not be able to avail of the Next Generation 911 (NG911) service unless civic address data is provided to NL911. Basic 911 service will continue to be available until such time that the civic address data is provided to NL911 and updated in the NG911 database.

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  • How do you want the map to be completed?

    For each block identified on the provided map, NL911 will need the corresponding civic number (the number displayed on the building, or supposed to be displayed). Each block represents a residence, business or community building. This information also needs to be updated on the corresponding spreadsheet.

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  • There are errors or missing information on my map that I received from NL911, what do I do with these?

    If you notice any errors on your map, (i.e.: one of the blocks is a shed or there is a newly built house missing) please make these corrections on the map; put an “x” through anything that is mistaken and draw in any missing data, houses, roads etc. If there are any roads that are named incorrectly or are labeled as “unknown”, please include the correct name. Update the information on the corresponding spreadsheet.

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  • Is the municipal assessment roll adequate information for submission to NL911?

    If your municipal assessment roll includes all properties within your community and their civic address than yes it is an adequate source of information, however the map portion of the submission is still required to be completed and sent back to NL911.

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  • Does NL911 require the names of the residents/property owners?

    No. NL911 does not require the name of any resident or property owner however, home phone numbers if available (land line only) would be of great benefit to NL911.

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  • Is the submission of this information mandatory?

    No it is not mandatory to submit your civic addressing information to NL911. All Municipalities and Local Service Districts have authoritative rights to their civic addressing data.

    Civic addressing data is mandatory for the operation of a NG911 service. Communities that do not submit civic addressing data will not be able to avail of the NG911 service and will remain on the Basic 911 service as it exists today.

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  • How long will it take after the civic addressing data submission is provided to NL911, for the data to be in the NG911 database and NG911 service available?

    Access to NG911 service will be determined on NL911 workflow and quality assurance process for adding community data to the NG911 database. Once communities have submitted their data, they will be added into our NG911 implementation project plan and their data will be added to the NG911 database in order of receipt.

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  • What if we have not received our NL911 package requesting civic addressing data?

    NL911 is working towards having all civic addressing data request packages out to communities by the end of 2019.

    These packages will only be sent to communities who have indicated to NL911 that they have civic addressing.

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  • What if I receive a request package from NL911 but we have a GIS file available to provide?

    If your community has a GIS file available to provide NL911, please contact NL911 to discuss.

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  • I don’t have a civic number assigned to my house. How can I get one?

    If your community council has the authority, civic addressing and the assignment of numbers and local road names are administered through your local policies and bylaws. Your council also provides notification of address assignments and any changes as a result of renaming or renumbering.

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