Enhanced 911

The future of 911

NL911 strives to provide our province with the best in 911 service and technology. We are currently planning to enhance the existing Basic 911 system to an Enhanced 911 (E911) system.  

Next Generation (NG911) is not yet available in Canada. With enhancements to E911, NL911 will be prepared to upgrade the service to NG911 when it becomes available.  

E911 will automatically display to the 911 Call Taker the caller’s location (home address or x/y coordinates), and associated information like the caller’s phone number. 

  • E911 saves time. Call Takers will be able to find you without needing to ask for or clarify the caller’s location. This is especially helpful for no-voice calls when callers are unable to speak. 
  • E911 saves lives. E911 systems are capable of transferring the location information automatically to emergency responders dispatch systems which can help with their response. 

Landlines VS Cell Phones
If you call 911 from a landline, an E911 system will automatically provide the 911 Call Taker with the exact spelling of street names, street numbers and other civic address elements. That means it’s easy for 911 Call Takers to locate you quickly. 

If the system can’t find your civic address information, our Call Takers will ask you a series of questions to pinpoint your location. 

For 911 calls from a cell phone, the E911 system will automatically provide the 911 call taker with the  latitude/longitude location data of the cell phone. The E911 system can pinpoint your location within a 100-meter accuracy.