Enhanced 911

  • When will Newfoundland and Labrador be getting NG911?

    While the technology to implement NG911 systems is available now in some parts of the United States, it is still in its planning stages within Canada. NL911 will determine a project plan to update the system when NG911 becomes available in Canada. In the interim, NL911 is focusing on a project plan to enhance the current service to an E911 system which requires the same infrastructure to be in place that will support an NG911 system. The transition to E911 and eventually NG911 involves updating; the technical infrastructure, the geographical system data, telecom provider data and civic addressing in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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  • What is Enhanced 911 (E911)?

    E911 is an emergency system that automatically display‘s the telephone number and location information of the caller to the 911 Call Taker.  The location displayed may be a physical address or other geographic reference information such as X/Y map coordinates.

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  • What do you mean by “NG911”?

    Next Generation 911 (NG911) refers to an initiative aimed at updating the 911 service infrastructure in Canada to improve public emergency communications services in a wireless mobile society. In addition to calling 911 from a phone, it intends to enable the public to transmit text, images and video to a 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). 

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