911 Service Questions

  • How do you know what emergency agency responds to each area?

    There are over 1300 Emergency Response Zones (ESZ) in the province that were identified by NL emergency service providers when 911 service was implemented.  These zones identify the boundary jurisdiction for emergency response by agencies in each area. When a 911 Call Taker enters a location in the 911 system, the ESZ for that location is displayed and identifies each agency that responds to that area identified. The 911 Call Taker will then transfer the caller to the appropriate agency for response. 

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  • Will the 911 call taker dispatch the emergency responders for me?

    No, NL911 provides a call answer and transfer service and is not a dispatching agency.  The 911 Call Taker will confirm the nature and location of your emergency and transfer you to the proper emergency agency for assistance. The emergency agencies are responsible to dispatch the necessary resources to your emergency.

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  • Will I ever get a busy signal if I call 911?

    No. There will always be someone ready to answer your call, even during a large-scale emergency when many people are calling to report the same incident. If you call 911 and hear what appears to be a busy tone, hang up, wait for a dial tone and try the call again. If the tone persists this may be an indication that there is a problem with your phone service. Try calling from another line, cellular phone, or seek a neighbor’s assistance.

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  • What 911 system is NL911 using?

    NL911 was implemented with a Basic 911 system which is as an emergency contact system via telephone that recognizes when someone dials 911 and routes the caller to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) based on the location of the caller. There are two (2) PSAPs in the province, one located in Corner Brook and the other in St. Johns. 

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